We pride ourselves on being people-oriented, and place our services above anything else we do. Here’s just a highlight of what we offer!


We have teams of highly trained, and above all friendly, caring, and patient, staff whose job it is to navigate you through your digital lifestyle.


24 hours a day, and 7 days a week specific and dedicated staff work with you to resolve even the most difficult technology issues with our award winning knowledge base.


Our SkyHi! Cloud service is always up and on, so you can access all aspects of your digital lifestyle from anywhere and (almost) anything.


Any device, bought from anywhere, picked-up, delivered, and installed for you. Just call us! We’ll even stay within (almost) all End User Agreements in the process.


From Game on to Game Day, We’ll set you up with the best system for online gaming, sporting events, and more. We funnel it all through our Hi!Score app platform.

Hi!Level Security

Incorporated into all our products and services, but also installable on (almost) all other devices, we can and do employ Multi-layer Department of Defense approved security features.

Training Daze

If you feel lost, want to learn a new skill, or even need to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date, we can help! Attend one or a whole quarter-semester segment of classes in the latest apps and technology.

How It Works

Our Avunculars for example, the word is suggestive of an uncle especially in kindliness or geniality. They teach the social values, appropriate behaviors—as well as histories—of hardware, software, and interaction with and for all kinds of technologies:


We’ll talk to you about your technology guidance needs and find an Avuncular that can form a lasting relationship with you.


Once assigned an Avuncular, they will reach out to you to meet in person about your goals for your digital lifestyle.

Guidance List

The Avuncular will overlook your wants and needs and provide a list of extended reading and practices. Coupled with our other services and/or products you will feel more confident managing the interconnected world we live in.


You or your Avuncular will set regular meeting times and dates, as well as weekly check-ins with you to gauge your confidence and progress in things like social media etiquette, online banking, and others.

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About Us

Who is Hi! Tech?

Hi! Tech started with a television series of the same name. Out of the family that formed from the cast and crew, we launched a company with the goal to educate, entertain, and enhance people’s digital lifestyle.

Who is Hi! Tech for?

Anyone and Everyone! We definitely have our usuals who use our services time and again, but coming to us once is fine! We’re here to help, nothing more.

How do you make ends meet?

We are a privately owned co-op. We earn in the service to others. Whether you select an hourly, per diem, or even a year-long plan with any of our services, billing is always automatic and aligned to fit your budget.

Why are you so Friendly?

Because we can! We saw the rise of support call centers, endless phone trees and wait/holding times amongst other IT support issues and had enough of navigating all those ourselves.

How are you so friendly?

We’ve aligned our responsibilities with the Science Fiction author Isaac Asimov’s Laws of Robotics. This allows us to serve with distinction and patience.

Is there some dark, nefarious scheme you have?


Fun Facts

We live to serve! Here are just a few stats that show Hi! Tech's devotion to education, entertainment, and managing your digital lifestyle.

1 Happy Clients
1 Webinars & Seminars Offered
1 Charities Assisted
1 Total Hours Ever Spent


We have suites of software and an array of products that work in enhanced ways with our services. Hi! Tech lives to serve and provide!


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